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The following are some links to other resources that you may find useful.

Canadian Cohousing Network
The Canadian Cohousing Network (CCN) is a registered non-profit organization that promotes the creation of cohousing communities as a model for sustainable development by raising public awareness about cohousing and by bringing people together to form communities

Canadian Senior Cohousing
A non-profit group formed in 2011 with the purpose:
(a) To create public awareness and knowledge of senior cohousing in Canada
(b) To promote seniors cohousing at all levels of government
(c) To educate and train interested seniors in the skills necessary for development and management of senior cohousing and co-caring
(d) To encourage and facilitate communication amongst senior cohousing groups
(e) To engage with other agencies and institutions to further the aims of the society
(f) To facilitate development and management of sustainable senior cohousing communities

How Cohousing can make us happier (and live longer)
Watch a video of a TED Talk by Kim Grace, and architect who has designed (and is living in) cohousing.

Sweetfern Cohousing
Interested in inter-generational cohousing rather than adult/senior? Sweetfern Cohousing is a Sudbury group looking at developing using that model.

Canada’s Loneliest People
An article from Maclean’s about “Elder Orphans,” the growing number of seniors who have no living spouse or children.

Aging in Cohousing – Why is this a good choice?
An article by Alice Alexander, Executive Director of the Cohousing Organization of the United States.

Les baby-boomers solitaires se tournent vers le co-logement
Article (en français) about a cohousing project in San Francisco. US based, but a good general overview

Vieillir en communauté, ça vous dit?
Article (en français) about Margaret Critchlow’s Harbourside Project.

Repenser le logement pour mieux vieillir
Article (en français) from CBC Radio Canada about cohousing and inter-generational housing options in New Brunswick.

A Group in Sudbury is working to establish a cohousing proejct for retired people.
An article from CBC news about our proposed cohousing project.

You can hear Janet Gasparini’s most recent interview with CBC radio Morning North host Marcus Schwabe here

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