“It’s About Having An Open Mind”

Stan and Pauline joined Silver Birth Village right from the get go. They wanted to find an ageing out solution that involved being around friends who look out for one another.

Stan and I have been part of the Silver Birch Village cohousing group from the very first information session almost 2 years ago. 

As a group, we met for a monthly potluck meal for the first 3 months before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic followed by virtual meetings once or twice a month depending on developments.  

We have and still are enjoying getting to know one another on a deeper level as well as sharing honest opinions without judgment.  

The first time we heard of the cohousing concept, we were very much attracted to the INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY concept and what it represented.  For us, that seemed to be a good lifestyle option after the unpleasant and painful experience Stan’s mom went through after she suffered a bad fall where she broke her arm and was consequently told by her care provider that she would no longer be able to live on her own for health reasons.

She was forced to sell her house in the little town of Larder Lake where she had lived for the past 45 years and  move in with us.  We loved having her close to us and although we did our best to make her feel at home, she missed her friends, her little house and she felt lonely and isolated as Stan and I were still working at the time and unable to keep her company. 

She was with us for 8 months then she moved into her own little apartment in an elderly assisted living building, although we did our best to visit her often, she did not adapt well to her new lifestyle.  She felt isolated in a strange place and as a timid 81 years old, did not make new friends easily and her health deteriorated quickly thereafter.

That unpleasant experience forced us to start asking ourselves the tough questions and look for better solutions other than being dependent on our children when we get to the age where we need extra support.

So, for us the concept of cohousing with friends, looking out for friends seems the perfect solution for us.  Stan and I are very much aware that being part of such a community requires an open mind, respect for differences of opinions and participation. 

We believe that our values are in line with the requirements needed to co-exist in such a community.

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