Cranberry Commons – In photos

Our final stop of co-housing complexes in B.C. was at Cranberry Commons, which is actually right next door to my daughter’s townhouse complex in Burnaby.


Some details:

  • This multi-generational complex has been around since 2001.
  • There are 22 units, ranging from a bachelor to a four bedroom. 
  • The complex is right off a main artery street with lots of shopping and recreation facilities within walking distance.
  • This complex is made up of multiple stories and each unit has it’s own balcony.
  • The parking for this complex is underground with a wash station for cars, electric vehicle charging stations, bike parking and storage.
  • We didn’t get to see their common area because it was in use while we were on our tour, but they had gardening, composting in the space surrounding the complex.
  • There was also a shared/common balcony space to book as well as office space.


Many of the cohousing complexes have mission or values statements like the one below.

“Our cohousing community was created by people who wanted to design housing that would support greater social interconnectness while making efficient use of resources.

In addition to its social focus, Cranberry Commons holds respect for the environment as one of its highest values. We have attempted to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of the community design, starting with the selection of the site right up to the solar hot water panels that were installed on the roof.”


The unit we visited in this complex was a two bedroom with a newly renovated kitchen.



A smaller than average sized fridge and big cupboards that pull out allowed this couple to maximize their kitchen space.



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