A New Model of Adult Housing in Sudbury

Rotary Park Trail, Sudbury, ON

What is Cohousing?
Cohousing is an intentional community design that combines the independence of privately owned homes with the advantages of common amenities and a village-style support system.

Cohousing is not a commune, a co-op, just another new place to live, a condo with a nice common room, below market or subsidized housing.

Questions about Cohousing?: check out our FAQ page

Who are We?
We are an intentional community of like-minded adults creating an active and connected cohousing community.  Our model of living promotes healthy aging.

We are a group committed to moving forward with the design and construction of a cohousing complex in the Sudbury area. We’re looking for like-minded individuals or couples to join us.

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Interior of Windsong Cohousing in British Columbia. Windsong is an inter-generational model of cohousing, accommodating every age including families and singles/seniors.